piano keys

Lesson Format:

Each lesson will consist of warm-up, technique work, theory work, and repertoire practice/rehearsal. Students will work towards a performance level so that they may feel comfortable when sharing their musical talent with others.

Student Expectations:

Students are expected to be ready to begin on time at each lesson with necessary materials and a positive attitude. Students are expected to practice throughout the week leading up to their lesson, and proper practice technique and suggested amount of time to practice each day will be discussed in lessons.

Required Materials:

Specific materials for lessons will be necessary and parents will be required to provide these for students. A detailed list will be given during lessons as becomes necessary.

Lesson Cancellations:

Lessons must be scheduled in advance, and will be recurring weekly unless interfering with holidays. Less than 24-hour notice and “no shows” will not be eligible for rescheduling or refund. Further information is available in printed format.


Should it become necessary to terminate lessons through Victoria Rose Piano Studio, one month’s notice and payment are required.

Summer Lessons:

Students are expected to continue lessons throughout the summer. A fee will be required to reserve your student’s spot in the studio should you opt out of summer lessons.

Competitions and Recitals:

Students are strongly encouraged to participate in recitals, competitions, and other performance opportunities in order to share music with others. Many of these opportunities require separate fees that will be shared and collected as these events appears on the studio calendar.

Tuition and Fees:

Tuition for lessons is based upon a semester schedule, and clients are given the option to pay at the beginning of each semester or at the first lesson of each month. Enrollment and yearly fees will be collected to aid in administrative and material costs. Further information, including specific lesson rates, is available in printed format.