“Ms. Appleby is a thoughtful and committed piano teacher.  Students who want to learn to speak the language of music will find an encouraging and inspiring environment in her studio, and will enjoy “doing their best” for her.  Parents will find her to be thoroughly professional and a pleasure with whom to work.”
-Dr. Mia Hynes, professor of piano, University of Central Missouri

“Victoria is one of the most organized and diligent students I have ever worked with. She is very passionate about piano teaching and is willing to go the extra mile to help students achieve their goals. I believe that she has all the important qualities of a superb teacher!”
-Dr. Tian Tian, professor of piano, Oakland University

“Getting Tim randomly paired with Victoria at the studio where he started lessons turned out better than I could have ever imagined! [Her] cheerful and positive, yet calm and peaceful personality works well with his quiet demeanor. She [teaches] technical elements and he has a greater appreciation since he learned to enjoy playing first. She challenges, motivates, praises, and interacts in his life each week. As a parent, I’ve appreciated how professionally she runs her studio. She communicates well and runs a structured, but personable business in addition to her own musical ability. Victoria is a treasured part of our family’s story.”
-S. Richner, piano parent